Factory Information

  • Built on a total land area of 10,400 meters.
  • Annually production 20,000 ton of IQF frozen fruits and vegetables.
  • Storage capacity 3,000 ton at -20 degrees Celsius.

    Human Resources

  • High caliber employees.
  • On-going training for employees to achieve company mission.
  • Medical care for employees.
  • Environmental awareness.
  • Employers are fully aware of their personal obligations regarding Hygiene.
  • All Employees are above 18 years.

    Quality Control

  • Monitoring and inspection from receiving products, processing, storage, packing, till loading and     shipping.
  • Critical point to check the quality of the product throughout the process and ensure the hygiene of     the products.
  • Metal detectors for end products.
  • Automated line to minimize employees handling of the products.
  • Smoking is prohibited in the factory.
  • ISO 9001,18001and 22000 systems are used to ensure and maintain the quality and hygiene.

    Quality Assurance

  • Chemical and Bacteriology lab.
  • Quick Contacts

    6th of October City, Industrial Zone 1, 48A, Egypt.

    Tel: 002-01014890000